Wow - Thank you so much for Friday at Urmston. Despite it being a low turnout, you made it into a great night musically. Everyone was up dancing to great tunes you played - you really can pick the obscure and popular stuff. We really must come and see you more often. The friends we brought thought it was fabulous too. Thanks again Kevin.

Stuart (Browns !!)


Thanks for a great night at Urmston Mens last Friday. The music was fabulous,
so great to hear music of our era, it's so unusual these days. Knocks spots off
all this modern music. Great atmosphere with the tambourines and everything.
We will be back next time. We do hope that you keep Urmston going.

Sue & Sally


Thanks for another great Motown night at Lowton last night.
Loved it.

P.S Loved the shirt.


Just wanted to say that I enjoyed your night last Friday at Elmbank (Eccles Masonic)

I'll see you at the next one.




Good start at Eccles on Friday, great mix of music, fabulous atmosphere and everybody seemed to enjoy it. I do hope you will come back soon and hopefully make it a regular night. Just what Eccles needs



Thanks for a great night at Eccles on Friday. I believe that this was the first time you have been at this venue, I'm looking forward to you coming back. I've been to loads of Motown nights before which end up as wall to wall Northern Soul, but I thought you got the musical mix just about right, something for everyone. A great atmosphere too.



It must have been the best ever night at Walkden on Friday, what an atmosphere and so friendly. I don't know if you realise how far some people come to attend your nights. I was talking to some ladies from south Manchester who told me they come to your nights all the time. I can understand why as I don't know of another night as good. Every success to you for 2018.



Thank you for a fabulous night at Boothstown last night. I had never been to one of your nights before although I had heard about them. The night was awsome you have got a new convert. On reading your blog I realise that I am a Motown Virgin (if only). The mixture of the music was really refreshing, thanks for a good night.



Thanks for my birthday night last night at Boothstown. Both me and all my party had a great night. It was interesting that some of my people prior to the night hinted that it wouldn't be there type of thing. I was pulling them out at midnight, it just shows. I couldn't recommend it more highly for a birthday party.



These Christmas breaks you have are far too long. It drives me mad, I even start talking to my hubby. It's great that you are back, I can't live without my Motown bringing back all those memories. To quote Abba who I know aren't your cup of tea. Thank you for the music.



Thank the lord that the Motown is back, starting this week at Lowton. It's been ages since you have been at Lowton. Withdrawal symtoms don't come in to it, I think it is probably worse than that. I'm pleased to see that you are starting doing your nights in Eccles. I'll be there.



I am glad to see that you have put the entrance fee for your nights up to £5, as I have been telling you for months £4 is too cheap for what is a cracking night. I hope all goes well for you in 2018.



Friday was a first visit to one of your nights for me and the girls. We saw you a while ago at the Northern Link so we thought we'd give one of your night a go. I must say that this night was far more friendly than the Link, really nice people who were out to enjoy themselves, that's nice to see in this day and age. It was also helpful that it was our type of music. We will be back. It would be great if you could get a night going somewhere in Bolton.



What an atmosphere at Walkden on Friday, I don't know how you keep doing it. The music was fabulous it was nice to hear such a mix of styles. I've been to many of your nights before and promise you I will stick with you. Thanks



Good night at Urmston on Friday. The music was spot on, a great mix, and I would have thought there was something for everybody. We haven't been to Urmston before and thought it was a nice club. We came to one of your nights at Walkden a couple of years ago, but Urmston is nearer our home. We will be back at the beginning of June, hopefully for another good night.

Bob & Sue.

Hello Kevin

I came to your Motown night last Friday at Walkden Legion and was bowled over. It was the first time me and my friend had been to one of your nights. From reading your website we are Motown Virgins (if only). I live in Walkden and can't believe I haven't been before. People kept telling me how good the nights were, so we decided to take the plunge. Just to let you know we had a brilliant night and certainly will be coming again. Thanks for a great night.


Hi Kev
Where did you get all the people from on Friday at Walkden. It's always been full but I've not seen it like that for a few years. Maybe you did the right thing knocking it back to monthly from every two weeks. Just shows people don't realise what they are missing till they have'nt got it. Keep it rocking my man.
Terry & Sue

Hi Kevin
Great night at the Link at Rivington Barn last night. Loved the suit how many more colours have you got, think I must have seen four or five different colours. Music was great, we are going to make the effort and come to the Longfield Suite at Prestwich although it's a long way for us. Keep up the good work.

Hi Kevin
Great that you've brought your Motown to a few Link nights. It's not before time that they got the music sorted out. Keep up the good work.

Hi Kevin
I was at Lowton Social last night for your Motown night. Great night good crowd of really nice people. The music was top class even if it made me feel my age. Why does nobody make music like this these days, I'm at it again showing my age. Thanks for a fabulous night.

We came to your Motown night at Lowton last night. It was great, we've been looking for something like this for ages. I thought the mix of music was fabulous with plenty of old Motown favourites, a bit of early proper soul, a small amount of Northern and even a few seventies. I can't tell you how good we thought your night was. We'll be back.
Sue & Dave

I attended your Motown night at Walkden last Friday, this was my first visit for over two years and I was surprised that there was no one there I recognised. Even your staff seem to have changed, I don't know if this is a good thing or not, i suppose it's progress. I was pleased to see that the night was packed just as I remember it, and the music was as good as ever. Keep up the good work and it's good to see you've stood the test of time.

Hi Kevin
Only just found your website, I didn't know you existed. Love the pictures it looks like a really good night. I will check out one of your night in the near future, and get back to you with my comments.
Billy T

Thanks for bringing your Motown Night to Lowton. It was a great night and it was so good to have a dance and listen to all those wonderful tunes. It's years since i've heard some of the music you played, in fact to be honest I'd forgotten some of them. Please keep it going at Lowton as I am sure you will get the support.
Joe & Sue

Hi Motown Man
Came to the Motown night at Lowton Social last night and just wanted to let you know I thought it was great. A really nice crowd and the music was great. We came from Leigh and maybe you should start one of your nights there. I ran into people I've not seen for years. We will be back again soon, so keep it going.

Fab night at Lowton last night. Me and the girls haven't been to one of your nights before, I believe that you do them all over the place. We will certainly be coming again as we thought it was really good value at £4 and the bar prices were sensible, which isn't always the case in some of these places. See you on the 28th March,
Trudy, Rebbeca, Sandra and Mo.

Keep it Motown for years. It's great.
Val & The Girls.

Hello Kevin Lane
I've been out of the country for the last three years but now I'm back. Before I went you were running your Motown nights at Walkden Legion, I can't believe that you are still doing them. The nights are as good now as they were before I went. It won't be three years before I come back to dance the night away.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone last night for making my birthday special, and for all the birthday wishes. A special big thank you to Jayne for my cake and to Michelle for my lovely present. What a special night it was, once again thank you to everyone.


Thanks for your wonderful Motown nights. Just to give you a bit of my background I went through a messy divorce a while ago, and like many people in my posistion I just never went out as I'd lost all my confidence. Then one of my friends insisted i come to one of your nights as she was sure i'd enjoy it. It was great all the music I knew and loved and such nice people who all seemed so friendly. So since then I've been to loads of your nights and i've also meet quite a few new friends, which is great. Thanks Kevin you're really appreciated.
Name witheld.

I've been coming to your nights for quite a few years, and have noticed recently that you seem to be playing more Northern Soul. I realise that you try to cater for all types and that you definitely have a small Northern crowd who certainly jump on the floor when you play there music. I just hope that you are not going to become another Northern Soul night as there are loads of them and to be honest they are not my cup of tea. What you were doing previously was unique and very much appreciated by loads of us. Please accept this as a friendly criticism as I love your nights
Kevins Answer
Hi Carol - Thanks for your E Mail and the criticism is accepted as it was meant. Don't worry I've been doing "Handbag Music" for lots of years where the majority of the music has been Motown or at least from that era. I can tell you definetely I will never become a Northern Soul night - I didn't in the 60's and 70's and I won't be doing now. I do try to keep most of the people happy if at all possible but if it comes to Motown or Northern it will always be Motown for me.

Thanks for a great night at the Vets on Friday. I'd not been to one of your nights before, but certainly will be coming again. It was a great atmosphere, and I heard some music that I hadn't heard since the days of Bolton Palais. I specially liked the tambourines that was something different. See you soon

Hi Kevin
Absolute incredible night last Friday at the Con Club. You must be knackered. Love the new videos on the website especially the Out of Time one, unfortunately we went home before the end. We'll stay to the end next time. See you at the Legion.
Steve & Sue

Great night at Walkden last night. These nights just seem to get better every time we come. Not sure if you can get many more in, hope it goes well for you at Little Hulton, I'm sure it will. Hope your voice has improved you sure didn't look too well. All the best for the futue.
Dave & Sue

Thanks for a great night at the Vets last Friday, and also for taking the photos. I'll see you next time, maybe you should have your nights more often.

Absolute Mega Motown at Farnworth on Friday. The best no question about it. Good luck for the future.

Hi Kevin
Two ex Motown Virgins here. We were at the Vets last night it was incredible. How you got that many people out in early January i'm not sure. But I can understand why people want to come to your nights, it was so much fun and a great atmosphere. Here's wishing you every success for the future. Keep it going it's great.
Kelly & Ann

Hi Kevin
We were at Farnworth Vets last night and just wanted to let you know that we all thought it was the best night out we have had in ages. We'd not been to one of your nights before and were a bit wary cause we'd been to a couple of Northern Soul nights before and found them a bit intense. But this was just up our street a great atmosphere and music that we thought was wonderful. We loved that bit right at the end when you did that Out of Time thing, I've not seen anything like that for ages. I promise you we will be back again to a few of your nights.
June,Cath,Sheena & Panda

Hello Kevin
Your Christmas night at Walkden last Friday was just great, i think this is the third "Christmas Do" we have attended and they seem to be getting better every year. It certainly helps that the drinks are so reasonably priced.Thanks for the CD, I have added it to my collection of your CD's , they keep me sane when I am driving about every day. We will be back with you in January and hopefully all through next year. Really enjoyed the Out of Time finale, just finnished the night off really well.
Charlie & Claire

It was good to have the Motown back at Swinton again on Friday. Make sure you keep the faith. Every success for the future.

Hi Kevin
Just to let you know we thought the Motown night we attended at Boothstown Legion last week was the tops. You obviously know your music and create a wonderful atmosphere. I hadn't been to Boothstown before and it was nice to see a sizeable floor rather than some of the postage stamps you see these days. Not that I am any Fred Astaire but still try to shake a leg now and again. Not seen the "talc" out since the old Palais days. Really great night.

Thanks for another great night at Walkden last night, I can't tell you how much we enjoy our Motown nights. It's such a good atmosphere and a lovely crowd, we feel safe at your nights which isn't something that we can say about all nights we have been to. By the way the music is great, it's right up our street. Keep up the good work.
Sue and the girls.

Mr Lane
We attended our first Motown Night last Friday at the Top Club. Just like to let you know as ex Uncle Toms regulars it was as near as I've ever seen to the "Real Thing". We don't go out too often these days as we both thought the modern day stuff was not for us, but my daughter who had been at the last Top Club night almost hijacked us saying you've got to see this , maybe this is what it was like at that Uncle Toms you keep going on about. You see Kevin we still talk about the place after all these years. I've got to tell you I felt as though I was on some illegal substance and I wasn't drunk, I kept looking at my wife and she had the biggest grin on her face I've seen in years. Thank you so much for bringing back so many happy memories to us both. We loved the guy in the red hat who was dancing on the stage, don't know if he was one of your staff, or just a customer, but he couldn't half dance. Next time I'll come and say hello and shake your hand.
Bernard & Dot

Friday night at Walkden must go down as the best ever, and this is coming from somebody who has been at loads of your nights. What an unbelievable atmosphere, I was buzzing that much I couldn't sleep, maybe the booze had a bit to do with that, but really I haven't enjoyed myself that much in years. I can't think of the last time I heard such great music, that just kept on going. You have really got it so right it untrue.
Danny & Sue

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for a great night at The Vets on Friday. It's so good to hear some proper music for a change. All this modern day rubbish drives me mad. As far as I'm concerned you'll never beat Motown. It probably helps that it's the music we all grew up with. I hope your nights continue and go fro m strength to strength, we need this type of night.

Hi Mr White Suit,
Top Club, top night, top music, top atmosphere, generally top place.Just like to thank you for a great night last Friday at the Top Club. I was talking to this lady who told me this is just like what Uncle Toms Cabin was like. It must have been some club, unfortunately it was before my time. Me and the girls will be back again, in fact we can't wait.
Charlie & The Girls.

What a brilliant night last Friday at Swinton Legion, the whole town was shaking, it was fantastic. Our Christine enjoyed her birthday and she met some old school friends. Your music, site and photo's are fabulous and it's lovely to be able to listen to the best music ever while browsing your site. I don't think I have enjoyed myself so much since the 60's and believe me I have danced for 40 odd years. Keep up the good work and we really appreciate the time and effort you put into the night. See you on Friday in Walkden.
Norma, Christine, Sandra and Win

Long live the Motown Nights. You've got a new bunch of fans
Sue,Cathy,Gill,Barbara,Kelly & Sam

Hi Kevin
We attended your "Motown Night" at Swinton last Friday and would just like to congratulate you on a job well done. We both love Motown and it was a pleasure to have somebody playing the music who obviously knew plenty about the subject. We've been to "Motown Nights" before where the person playing the music didn't know one from the other. It was a great atmosphere and I'm sure you'll do really well with your nights in Swinton.
Well done, keep the faith.
Bob & Sylvia

Hi Kevin
Thanks for a great night at the "Motown Night" last Friday at Swinton Legion. We really enjoyed ourselves and meet up with some old friends we haven't seen for years. It seems like everybody loves Motown, which is no surprise. Pleased your coming back in January, we'll be there.
Carol & Michelle

Hi Man in White Suit
Can me and the girls just thank you for the best night we have had in years at Swinton British Legion on Friday. We haven't been to a night with such a great atmosphere like that in ages. The music brought back so many memories of long gone youth clubs days, and it was obvious
you knew exactly what you were doing with the music. Shame you are not going to be back there until January, but we will be there waiting. Thanks again Kevin.
Sue and the Girls