The idea of this page is I am going to write a few lines about every event we hold. So hence that it will keep anyone who missed an event in touch. So here goes.



First of the year at Eccles although it's only three weeks since New Years Eve which maybe explains the smaller crowd than usual. Although equally it may be a bit of the January blues. Nevertheless it was a good night and it was good to see some of the faces we didn't see over the festive season. Yet again we had quite a lot of Motown Virgins with us which is always good to see. I must admit that it always surprises me where new people keep coming from, long may it last.

I didn't do a video last night, I felt as I did one at Eccles on New Years Eve, but no worries we will be back with the videos next week. There's going to be a longer break till the next one at Eccles as I don't want to overkill it.

So the next one at Eccles will be on Friday 20th March. I hope to see you then, if you fancy Motown next Friday I will be at Boothstown Legion that's usually a good one.





Well what better way to start a New Year than beginning it all for another year at Lowton. You know I love my Lowton people and it's got to be said what a magnificent turnout for early January. Maybe everybody needed to get back in the swing again. I noticed that there appeared to be loads of new faces which was great. In case you didn't know gang you're known as Motown Virgins. Just as an aside I had my first enquiry for New Years Eve 2020, now you know I like to do things up front but that's pushing it even for me.

Talking about Christmas and New Year I've got a few of the Christmas CD's left, maybe I over estimated on numbers a bit. So if you didn't get one over the festive period and you would like one just ask me at any of the venues and I'll let you have one. I think this may be the last year for Christmas CD's as they don't seem to be as popular as they once were.

Right thats it, I will be back at Lowton on Friday 28th February when I hope you can join me and we can do it all over again. Next Friday I am at Eccles Masonic, if you've not been you should give it a try it's a nice room.



Well that was different, It must be 25 years since i've done a New Years Eve. Many thanks to all the people who brought tickets and turned up. And as allways on ticket nights we seemed to sell about 30 tickets to people who didn't turn up. To those people you missed a cracking night, why buy tickets and not come, it never makes any sense to me. The crowd generally was probably a fair bit different from one of my typical Motown nights, so consequently we were overun by Motown Virgins. Once people had got the booze down we had a cracking night. Musically it was a bit different than a normal Motown night, New Years Eve I dragged a lot of the party stuff out, but it seemed to go down a storm. Apologies to the gentleman who wanted me to play Hacienda music, but not really my bag. Anyhow if you are a Motown Virgin or one of my regular Motowners can I wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Hopefully there will be a video up on the site within a day or two, once I have got out of my darkened room. A special mention for the lady who accosted one of my friends in Urmston Safeways to tell her Kevin Lane is a legend. Thank you my love.

Right I am having a rest for a couple of weeks, but the Motown will be back on the road on Friday 17th January 2020 when I will be at Lowton Social Club. The next time I will be at Eccles is on Friday 24th January. I hope to see you at one of these nights. Thanks gang. Kevin



Lets keep it Motown all the way through 2020.



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